“You can BAKE the difference”

The concept of gender is recently becoming more present in mainstream culture (media, art). But for many people “gender” remains a mystery and is often misunderstood.

Children, as well as grown ups, who do not fit mainstream societal norms are often pushed to the margins or bullied. For this reason it is truly important to teach diversity from an early age. 

As of December 1st 2012, in accordance with Dutch governmental agreements, teaching about gender- and sexual diversity became a mandatory part of the curriculum in both primary and secondary education. Because this is a relatively new subject there is a lack of effective teaching tools. That’s why we decided to support teachers and created an educational package called The Genderbread Kit.

Our services:
We offer a didactic tool that includes playful educational movies and interactive assignments

We give guest lectures
in schools

We give workshops to teachers on how to teach gender and sexual diversity