The Genderbread Kit is an educational workshop* created to explain gender and sexual diversity. The method - available in both English and Dutch - is interactive and playful by nature, while simultaniously offering a theoretical foundation. During the workshop, participants confront themselves with existing gender stereotypes, get acquainted with the related terminology, and get the opportunity to explore diverse gender- and sexual identities.

The kit consists of short educational movies and interactive assignments. It is mainly targeted at high school students age 14+, but is easily adjustable to older audiences in higher education. The workshop is intended to take two hours.

The Genderbread Kit helps participants become aware of, and question, existing social norms and opens them to diversity among people.

* no actual baking required

Didactic Methods


The Genderbread Kit - developed in the Netherlands - corresponds with the Dutch learning objective 43 for secondary education:

"The student learns about similarities, differences and changes in culture and religion in the Netherlands, learns how to relate their own lifestyle to those of others, and learns the society’s significance of respect for each other's views and lifestyles, with a focus on sexuality and diversity, in particular sexual diversity.”

The kit uses multiple didactic strategies that stimulate effective learning:

  • various learning phases are integrated in the program
  • methods that advance successful collaborative learning are implemented 
  • the program has a structure that provokes effective learning

The main objective of this course is to make students aware of diversity.